Expanded Canvas Support Now Includes Custom, On-Demand Workshops for 2018-19 Academic Year

With an average of over 1500 courses per quarter in Canvas, the University’s learning management system, Academic Technology Solutions is launching an expansion of its support for Canvas in order to assist faculty and instructors to further leverage the platform’s features for instructional engagement and collaboration. First, new workshop offerings this year will include advanced uses of Canvas to meet pedagogical goals and to encourage the use of digital content in teaching and learning practices. Next, and perhaps most notably for this year, all departments at UChicago will have the opportunity to request custom, on-demand workshops delivered in the space they feel most appropriate for their faculty and instructors. And finally, these departments will also have the opportunity to request Canvas support walk-in hours in their departmental space, making it easier for faculty to have access to the Canvas help they need within their own working spaces.

If you are interested in learning more about this expanded Canvas support, email canvas@uchicago.edu.