Announcing Critical Issues in Urban Education MOOC

Critical Issues in Urban Education Course Banner

We are happy to announce the launch of Sara Liston Spurlark Director of University of Chicago Urban Education Institute and Clinical Professor Sara Ray Stoelinga’s new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), “Critical Issues in Urban Education”, as part of the University’s ongoing collaboration with Coursera. Stoelinga also serves as the Sara Liston Spurlark Director of the UEI and is a clinical professor on the Committee on Education, among several other leadership roles.

Intended for general audiences curious about education policy, this course provides to learners from around the world the opportunity to explore and discuss the polarizing issues of contemporary education reform with leading experts in the field while also exploring the charged but largely unrecognized history of the American public education system. The course covers seven topics across ten weeks of material, including discussions of No Child Left Behind, the Common Core Standards, and other, sometimes contentious issues.

The MOOC includes videos of short lectures, extended panel discussions, and discussion boards targeted at specific topics to help learners interact with the material and each other as they progress through the course. This course will be offered as an on-demand, self-paced learning experience.

To learn more about the course, and to register online, visit: