Pilot the New Class Blogging Tool

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Update January 2016: the blogging platform is now called UChicago Voices and has moved to its permanent home at voices.uchicago.edu.

Update September 2015: the pilot will continue through the academic year 2015-2016.

Academic and Scholarly Technology Services is piloting a blogging tool for the University of Chicago beginning in Winter quarter 2015. Faculty are invited to work with our staff to assess the service. Space is limited. The pilot is scheduled to end after Autumn quarter 2015.

What are Blogs? Why Assign Class Blogs?

A blog (the shortened version of the original term, “weblog”), is an online, chronological collection of first-person reflective essays that are often linked to supportive writings and media on the internet. Many instructors assign blogging as short write-to-learn exercises where students feel safe to experiment with ideas but are simultaneously compelled to produce high quality of work because their works are read by their peers.  For more about using blogging as a pedagogical tool, see Teach Smart with Technology: Blogging as Write-to-Learn Exercise.

Getting Started

For more information and to see if this is a suitable service for your teaching needs, email academictech@uchicago.edu. You can also view public pages, documentation and example blog post on our blogging platform at blogs.acadpilot.uchicago.edu.