Figure of the Voice: Using Learning Management Systems (Chalk/Canvas) to Provide Meaningful, Efficient Feedback on Oral Presentations

Oral presentations can be an essential part of student learning, but it can be challenging to provide useful feedback on student work that is not on the page. Come to the next Faculty Roundtable to hear how faculty have used the voice tools on Chalk (and Canvas, an alternative to Chalk being explored to see how it fulfills the needs of the faculty and the University) to capture student presentations and to also record their own feedback.  

Ana Lima, Language Coordinator and Senior Lecturer for Portuguese, and Alice Musick McLean, Lecturer for French and Portuguese, will talk about how they have been using this tool to engage students outside of the classroom and improve their speaking skills.

RSVP to reserve your spot now.  Lunch is provided.

Engage Students Online Using Learning Management Systems (Chalk/Canvas)
Note unusual time: February 20, 2015, 12:30p-2:00pm, TECHB@R