A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Resources for Teaching

 illustration of the LUCA cell, reconstruction of the Poseidon Temple, and illustration of neurotransmitter release in synaptic vesicle.
Caption (from left): 3D illustration of the LUCA cell—a theoretical model of early life form—for Professor Jose Quintas; 3D reconstruction of the Poseidon Temple from 7th century BC for John and Peggy Sanders at the Oriental Institute; Illustration of neurotransmitter release from synaptic vesicle.

Ever thought your teaching could be more visually stimulating? Are there ideas or concepts you think could benefit from visual representation?  Would you like assistance finding an image, drawing a new illustration, or creating a 3D model?  Come to the next Faculty Roundtable and find out what resources are available at the University of Chicago for your teaching needs!  

At this roundtable, Niall Atkinson and Patch Crowley (both from Art History) will talk about how they use maps and images in their teaching. Bridget Madden, Associate Director of the Visual Resource Center, will be on hand to discuss how she has helped faculty integrate images from a variety of sources into lectures and student projects. Dale Mertes, Sr. Visualization Specialist in Academic & Scholarly Technology Services, will showcase examples of past visualization projects for faculty from several disciplines--archaeology, neurobiology, and physics.

RSVP to reserve your spot now.  Lunch is provided.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Resources for Teaching
February 6, 2015, noon-1:30pm, TECHB@R
RSVP: https://cctroundtable5.eventbrite.com