Teach Smart with Technology: Helping Students Engage with Feedback Using Audio/Video Tools in LMS

By Cecilia Lo

Why give feedback in audio/video format?

One of the common pedagogical challenges is that students appear unwilling or unable to respond to instructor feedback effectively. When instructors return their assignments, students often just look at the final grade and without thinking through how the feedback can help them improve their future work.

Providing feedback in audio/video format in lieu of traditional written feedback can be a way to engage students for a number of reasons:

  • Students have reported that they found video feedback more personal and more informative (Turner and West 2013, Kolowich 2015).
  • The novelty of the approach and the accompanying Hawthorne effect helps keep students engaged.
  • The multimodal nature of the feedback, particularly in video format, offers comparative advantages for visual and auditory learners above “unimodal” written or audio feedback.
  • According to Turner and West (2013), providing feedback [using video] took instructors no longer than if they were to provide the standard level of written feedback. Yet, instructors can often include more details above that typically provided by written feedback.

Some Tips