Teach Smart with Technology: Track Changes in Google Docs

By Cecilia Lo

Google Docs TipsEver had a problem tracking your edits in students’ assignments submitted via Google Docs? Or shared a Google Doc with a group of collaborators for comments and wanted to track more closely what changes were made? Or wished you couldan track changes as in Microsoft Word?

You can now use the new Suggested Edits function (introduced at the end of June) to see who suggested changes and choose which changes to accept or reject.  In a shared document, click on the Editing icon at the top right, and select Suggesting.

Select Suggesting from the Edit button

In order to use Suggested Edits, users will need “can comment” access to a document. Those with “can edit” permission have the rights to accept or reject suggested edits. Those with “can view” access will not be able to see suggested edits until they are accepted.

How Suggested Edit works in Google Docs

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