Digital Pedagogy Workshops

ATS offers a number of workshops in digital pedagogy for faculty, instructors, and students. Below is a list of workshops for the 2015-2016 academic year. Follow the links below or see our calendar of events for workshop description and sign up. 

Workshops will be added throughout the quarter.

Assignment Design

  • Creative Assignments: Blogs, Wiki, Google Docs (offered quarterly)
  • Beyond Words: Collaborative Illustrations and Concept Maps with Google Apps (W 2016)
  • Building Ideas & Writing Skills from 140 Characters to Research Papers: Scaffolded Writing Assignments (W 2016)
  • Mapping Knowledge: Using Google Maps to Help Students Understand Community, People, Places, Events, Social Practices, and Issues (Sp 2016)


Assessment & Feedback

  • Providing Effective Guidance and Feedback with Rubrics
  • Let It Be Heard: Helping Students Understand Feedback Using Audio and Video Tools in LMS (Su 2016)

Issues in Digital Pedagogy

Tools Demonstration

  • Canvas Training for Students
    This is a self-paced online course available to students taking a course in Canvas. To enroll, click the enrollment link in the course announcement after you log-in to Canvas.
  • Chalk Overview
  • Creating Class Blogs
  • Creating Class Wikis
  • Formatting Your Dissertation in Word (W 2016)
  • LaTex
  • R Statistics
  • SPSS

See also Resources for Office/Productivity & Statistical Software.