LMS Review Assessment Plan

The LMS Review Faculty Committee will use various data and resources to inform their assessment during the LMS review process.

The primary data will come from test protocols conducted in the evaluated systems by two groups, including the committee itself. This will allow committee members to test common tasks used by most faculty, and ensure personal experience in each of the systems. A team of instructional support staff from the schools, divisions, and other learning support units such as the Library and the Chicago Center for Teaching, will test more advanced functions that our faculty are known to use, as well as tasks that support staff perform in support of instructors.

Faculty and students who used the pilot systems in Autumn 2015 will provide information about their experiences via surveys.

A technical review will be based on technical and security requirements applied to all new systems implemented by IT Services, in addition to conversations with representatives of the evaluated systems. A summary of the technical findings will be made available to the faculty committee.

Lastly, an IT Services LMS support team will review the systems and verify the availability and usability of a set of requirements specified by faculty. This report will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, bonuses and concerns for each system.

All of this information will be reviewed by the Faculty Committee to inform and guide their final recommendation to BCAS.