Services For Faculty

Academic Technology Solutions provides University-wide tools, platforms, training, digitization tools and IT services in support of teaching, research, and scholarship. We are happy to chat with you on any nascent or fully fledged ideas you may have in any stage of your work. Please contact us if you would like more information or if you would like to schedule an individual consultation session.

For immediate AV assistance in your classroom, call 773-834-4499, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday and 8:00 am - 6:00 p.m. Friday, during academic quarters. For interims between quarters, our service hours are 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

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What can we help you do?

Select Digital Teaching Tools

Adopt Technology in Classes

Use Audio-Visual Equipment, Computer Classrooms, Digital Media

Get Software Access and Training, Technical Support

Using Technology in Classes

Set Up Individual Consultation on Using Technology Effectively in the Classroom or Other Multimedia Needs

Got a new pedagogical idea? Want to experiment with flipping the classroom or blended learning? Want someone to talk with about choosing the right multimedia?  Need help with illustration, 2D- and 3D-animation, or data visualization?  We can provide resources and ideas for a variety of pedagogical questions including general course design, assessment plans, flipped classes, blended learning, gamification, and a host of other topics. We can also advise you on choosing the right media formats, approaches and products, matching you with our services or our campus partners as appropriate.

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Build your course site

CanvasWe can help you to build your course site quickly and easily, or guide you in taking advantage of more advanced features to streamline your grading, assess student progress, promote collaboration, and more. Request one-on-one consultation, visit us at the TechBar Studio during walk-in hours, or attend our workshops. See our walk-ins and workshops calendar.

Use advanced teaching tools

Explore advanced teaching tools such as blogs, wikis, Google apps, and video assignments with us and design creative assignments that excite students and help them achieve learning goals. We would love to talk to you about using non-traditional methods, such as flipped classes or using a classroom response system, to create learning experiences for your students. Bring us your ideas, so we can work together to design courses or activities that will engage your students and build community in and beyond the classroom.

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Migrate your course to Canvas

This academic year (2017-18), Chalk has been replaced by Canvas as the new learning management system. Learn more about the transition, the platform, resources and our workshops at

Use Audio-Visual Equipments, Computer Classrooms, Digital Media

Borrow Digital Media Equipment

You can borrow audio-visual equipment for instructional use if your classroom does not have something specific that you need.  The list of equipment available for lending includes a range of projectors, screens, speakers, cables, and adapters. We also have a range of audio recorders, cameras, tripods, and microphones available to serve your academic project. You can make a reservation by calling 773-834-4499 or emailing

Set Up Classroom AV

For immediate AV assistance in your classroom, contact Audio Visual Services at 773-834-4499, Monday – Friday, 8am-6pm during summer quarter;  8am-7pm autumn, winter, and spring quarters; and 8am-4pm winter break, spring break, and reading periods.

If you need help setting up technology or choosing from the wide variety of tools, we are available for individual consultations with faculty and teaching assistants. For more details, contact

Reserve a Computer Classroom

Holding a class or laboratory session where your students need access to computers?  Reserve one of the 3 computer classrooms with us (two with PCs, one with Macs). We prioritize classroom/laboratory use for these spaces, but they are also available for training activities and online exam practice sessions.  Email to begin the reservation process. If you have specific software needs for your sessions, please contact us at least two weeks ahead so we can schedule time to install and configure the lab accordingly.

Convert and Digitize Course Materials

Our team can assist you in converting older media formats (photographic slides, VHS, cassettes) into digital forms which can be more flexibly used within your courses. Contact us at for a consultation.

Create, Edit, Enhance Digital Media Materials

Our specialists can partner with you to create, edit, or enhance visualizations, graphics, or animation videos of important concepts for your course (see some examples here). We also noise-correct and color-correct existing materials. Contact us at for a consultation.

Flip Your Classroom

Use your class time for higher-order thinking and collaboration by pre-recording your lectures that students preview outside of class sessions. Lecture video can support a range of pedagogical goals:

  • Pre-lecture review of introductory and supplemental material
  • Access to previous demonstrations and guest speakers
  • Provide your introductory students with access to recordings of honors-level lectures
  • Allow post-class review of a class session

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Software Access and Training, Technical Support

University Software Licensing Information

The University licenses many different software packages for students, some of which are free, and others which are available at a reduced cost. Check the Site Licenced Student Software page for more information. Departments can also take advantage of University software licenses. Please check the Site Licensced Software for Departments for more infomation.

Get Software Training via

The Online Training Library® (OTL) includes over 4,000 quality video-based e-learning courses, including courses on statistical softwares such as R Statistics and SPSS; Adobe applications; Microsoft Office Suite; Open Source software; programming languages; resume writing; time management and much more. Access with your CNetID at

Get Technical Support

The IT Services TECHB@R, located on the first floor of the Joseph Regenstein Library, provides convenient walk-up technology support, equipment lending, consultations spaces, and videoconferencing capabilities.