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Academic Technology Solutions is proud to present lightboard recordings. A lightboard is a glass board injected with light that allows you to face your viewers while your writing glows in front of you.

Filming a lecture with a regular chalkboard results in an awkward video, because your back is turned to the camera while writing. This results in too many pauses between your writing and your talking. Good video lectures have usually gone through a lot of post-production editing to merge a video of the instructor speaking to the camera, with graphics to illustrate the material. This becomes time-consuming and expensive. 

Often faculty and instructors engage the written material while lecturing. They point to terms, gesture towards diagrams, demonstrate connections with hand movements, etc. The lightboard lets you work with your writings and drawings in a natural way, while facing the camera, and it allows the capture of good quality video that does not require much post-production editing.

The faculty at Notre Dame have an excellent video demonstrating the lightboard while highlighting some best practices: 

Lightboard at Notre Dame, College of Science – Best Practices

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