Center for Digital Accessibility

The Center for Digital Accessibility (CDA) works to strengthen the accessibility of digital content at the University, including materials used for teaching and learning.

Our Focus

We are concerned with all aspects of accessibility as it applies to digital technologies used by the University. We work to lower disability-related barriers to digital access and to ensure that all members of the UChicago community can participate fully in the academic, research, and work life of the University.

What We Do

The CDA is here to help you make your content accessible to everyone. We provide:

  • digital accessibility consulting;
  • digital accessibility assessments of websites, course content and applications; and
  • training for the UChicago community.

How We Can Help You

CDA staff are ready to consult with you to figure out how best to meet your accessibility needs. We also invite you to attend our live training sessions or watch our training videos.

For more information, training, and resources about digital accessibility, please visit the CDA website.