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New in 2020: Video Conferencing Kits

Once your section has been assigned a classroom, please check our classroom list for the assigned kit type.

Yamaha CS700 Sound Bar
The Yamaha CS700 Sound Bar is an all-in-one video conferencing device with a camera, speakers, and microphone. By connecting it to your laptop, you may run a synchronous class session with Zoom to include remote participants. The Yamaha excels at the wide full-classroom view, but can also be placed closer for a presenter or boardwork view. This kit will initially be found in about 50% of classrooms used for autumn 2020.

Please note: the USB cable for free-standing Yamaha sound bars on tripods will be directly connected to the unit and NOT found in the AV rack drawer.

Download written instructions for Yamaha CS700

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Vaddio EasyIP Kit

The Vaddio EasyIP kit consists of a decoder base, camera, and either table or ceiling mic. The camera sits on a tripod and can be used for either wider whole class views or tighter board-work and presenter views. Camera presets can be set in advance. For most rooms with a Vaddio EasyIP kit, you may leverage the in-room speakers by connecting to the HDMI cord in the AV rack. The room’s microphone may also be used for in-room amplification. Used along with Zoom for a synchronous session, the camera and microphone will pick up the classroom activity for remote participants, while the in-room speakers will allow remote participants to be heard. These kits will initially be in about 25% of the classrooms used for autumn 2020.

Download written instructions for Vaddio EasyIP kit

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Logitech Video Conferencing Devices

The Logitech Video Conferencing devices come in three types: Logitech Group, Logitech Connect, and Logitech BCC-950. They are all-in-one systems with a camera, speaker, and microphone. These are smaller, more flexible devices that can be placed in smaller rooms to facilitate synchronous Zoom sessions when connected to a laptop. They can be easily moved around to facilitate group classroom views or tighter presenter or boardwork views. The Logitech Group has the option of two expansion mics that can give wider coverage to in-room participants. These devices will be in about 10% of rooms used for autumn 2020, and will be predominantly Logitech Group systems. The other two Logitech systems will be primarily available for borrowing or rental during the quarter, as well.

Please note: the USB cable from the Logitech device will typically be directly attached to the device and may NOT be coming through a built-in cable cubby. Additionally, the HDMI cable will most often be found in the AV rack drawer.

Download written instructions for Logitech Devices

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Lecture Capture Kits

Lecture Capture kits consist of a camcorder, tripod, SD card, camera battery, lavalier mic and receiver, and HDMI to USB dongle. These kits may used in spaces for ad hoc video conferencing needs such as meetings with remote participants, events to be broadcast to remote participants, or basic recording needs. On its own, the lecture capture kit can record the session to the SD card, and AV Services can upload the footage to Panopto or other cloud storage for you. Paired with a laptop, the camera and mic can be used for a synchronous Zoom session to allow remote students to follow along. Using the Panopto Capture application on a laptop, the kit may be used to record to the cloud or be live-streamed with a short lag of under a minute. 

If you have an event where you need an ad hoc lecture capture kit, please reach out to AV Services so we can consult with you to choose the right option for your event.