Multimedia Development

Multimedia can help communicate concepts and ideas for scholarship and teaching. We can assist with content development for teaching, scholarship, and research through creating or enhancing imagery, animation, 3D renderings, video production, and more.

Digital Media Consultation & Development

Academic Technology Solutions (ATS) can provide guidance on a full scope of multimedia tools to fully engage your audience. Whether it’s for teaching, scholarship, research, or professional practice, ATS is equipped to meet your digital media needs. The team has state-of-the-art technology tools and solutions to help with higher-end production requests and to help transform your next media project into work that will make an impact. Our team has assisted faculty with presentations for conferences (slides, poster imagery), journal paper submissions, book publications, classroom instructional materials, and more.

Digital media consultation and development services offers the following:

  • Custom graphics (including illustration)
  • 3D modeling & animation
  • Converting audio and video to digital files
  • Image scanning and enhancement

For assistance with audio or video production, please see our AV Services & Engineering page.

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Panopto Is UChicago’s New Video Management Platform

Panopto Is UChicago’s New Video Management Platform

Panopto is here!  Following a successful pilot, the University has contracted with Panopto as its new video management platform.  Panopto is a tool for recording, organizing, embedding, and live streaming video. It seamlessly integrates with Canvas for video/audio...

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