Instructional Design

We use our expertise in learning technologies and digital pedagogies to partner with faculty and instructors in implementing instructional technology, developing instructional projects and digital course materials, and sharing effective practices. We can help you with projects big and small, from using Canvas, to implementing blended learning, to flipping your courses.

Digital Pedagogy/Canvas Training

We provide one-on-one consultations and departmental and general Canvas workshops to help you leverage Canvas and other learning tools to engage students with active learning strategies. We can help you with a wide range of digital pedagogy issues, from building and designing your Canvas course site to using Canvas’s collaboration features to engage students.


Blended Learning

Are you looking for new ways to engage today’s students? Are you trying to meet the challenge of expanding class sizes?  Our instructional designers have expertise in learning technologies and digital pedagogies and can partner with you to leverage technology in ways that are appropriate for your teaching and learning practices. We can partner with you to collaboratively design the most appropriate blend of learning technology and digital pedagogy for your course. With an eye toward designing your course for improved student engagement and outcomes, our team brings expertise in the use of Academic Technology Solutions’ platforms, tools, and capabilities to your course design needs. In addition to helping you develop the right blend for your course, our team can work with you to design assignments that can inspire creativity and engagement in students while helping them practice higher-order thinking skills. We can help you design and set up a particular assignment, incorporate digital learning tools in your curriculum, or flip your class.


Assessment of Emerging Technologies

We evaluate and conduct pilots of emerging technologies, such as classroom response systems, blogging platforms, and video management platforms, for university-wide adoption. We work with service providers to ensure that their tools are feature-rich, FERPA-compliant, and meet the university’s privacy and data security standards.

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Using Videos for Teaching Language

Why use videos for language teaching? Video is everywhere—people watch over 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube alone—and the range of video content is huge: movies, TV shows, academic lectures, news segments, personal vlogs, music videos, how-to’s, cartoons,...

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One Button Studio Launching Fall Quarter 2018

Academic Technology Solutions (ATS) is launching UChicago’s first ever “One Button Studio” for Fall Quarter 2018.  It is located in Regenstein Library, Level A, and is based upon similar successful facilities at a number of other universities. The One Button Studio is...

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