UChicago Virtual Lab (vLab)

The UChicago Virtual Lab (vLab) is an online equivalent to a computer lab. You can use it to access course software. Access vLab from university-provided computers in the Library and other public spaces, or from your own laptop or desktop on the university network. 

For a current list of software available on vLab, visit answers.uchicago.edu . If you need assistance connecting to vLab, stop by the Techbar or call ITS Service Desk during business hours. 

To Access:

  • Start Microsoft Remote Desktop (instructions for Windows or download for Mac) or equivalent RDP software
    • Computer: vlab.uchicago.edu
    • User Name: your CNetID
      (Note: some clients require "adlocal\CNetID" instead of just your CNetID)
    • Password: your CNet password
    • Domain: adlocal
  • This is a shared service for all students — backups and storage are your responsibility. Please save all your files on your own device.