A Checklist for Teaching Remotely


Basic Steps

The first two toggle items immediately below contain the basic steps for teaching remotely. Follow these steps to get started.

Basic: Set Up Your Canvas Course

Create Your Course

  • To create your Canvas course site, go to courses.uchicago.edu and click on the Create Your Course Site Now button.
  • When you receive confirmation that your Canvas site has been created, you can click on the link to go to your Canvas site.

Create Your Syllabus

Upload and Organize Your Files

Communicate with Students

Assess and Grade Student Work



Basic: Hold Your Course Synchronously with Zoom

You can use Zoom to hold your course synchronously.* More information on Zoom will be forthcoming.

*Zoom accounts for Spring 2020 instructors will be provisioned before the start of the quarter.



Advanced Steps

The two toggle items below offer more advanced steps that you may wish to employ to enhance your remote teaching. For more in-depth information on pedagogy, see also our Effective Practices for Teaching Remotely.

Advanced: Create Engagement in an Online Course

Asynchronous Engagement

Synchronous Engagement


Advanced: Record Asynchronous Content with Panopto

Get Started with Panopto

  • Create your Panopto account by logging into uchicago.hosted.panopto.com with your CNetID and password.
  • Download and install the Panopto recorder app. Windows | Mac
  • Make sure you are in a quiet place and wearing headphones.

Record Yourself

  • In Panopto, choose Create → Record a New Session and open the Panopto recorder app when prompted.
  • Choose the correct folder to record in from the drop-down menu at the top.
  • Choose the camera and microphone. For a basic “talking head” video, this will be your webcam and either the computer microphone or an attached external microphone.
  • If you wish to include a PowerPoint presentation or capture your screen, select the appropriate option under Secondary Sources.
  • Click the red Record button to begin recording. Click it again to stop the recording.
  • See further: Use Panopto to Record a Video

Put Your Panopto Video in Canvas