In Panopto’s latest release, they have added new features and functionality for users. We have highlighted the relevant updates below, along with links to more information, where available. Please remember to download the latest version of the desktop capture application and mobile apps to take advantage of relevant new features.

  • Tags — Panopto’s video library has a new way to support content organization and discovery: #tags.  Content creators and administrators can now apply tags to their videos from the video settings, the editor, or in Panopto Capture after recording new videos. From the library and the viewer interfaces, users can see the tags applied to each video and find other tagged videos with a single click. Administrators will be able to manage tags for their site, including the ability to add, remove, or merge tags. To learn more, please visit How to Use Tags.
  • Smart Chapters — Panopto’s innovative Smart Chapters feature uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate a table of contents for any video with a screen capture, including recordings from Capture and Zoom. Smart Chapters can be controlled at the site or at the folder level. Please see How to Enable Smart Chapters and How to Use Smart Chapters for more information.
  • Delete Streams in the Editor — Users can now delete or replace video streams from within the video editor. To learn the key benefits of this new functionality, please visit the article How to Delete Streams in the Editor.
  • Panopto Capture in Embedded Video Selector — From within an LMS, users can now directly record and embed new videos using Panopto Capture, all without leaving the browser. Click on How to record and embed a video from the embedded video selector to learn more.
  • Share Interesting Points in a Video — Viewers can easily share a link to a specific place in the video with other viewers, right from the viewer. As long as the other user has permissions to the video, they will be taken to the exact spot in the video that was shared with them. If the other user doesn’t have permissions, they will see the ‘Request Access’ page.
  • RTMP Live-Captioning — Users watching a live event broadcasting over RTMP can now see live captions for any RTMP stream containing CEA-608 or CEA-708 style captions. Once the broadcast is over, these captions will be imported into Panopto. See How to Use RTMP Live Captioning
  • Audio Normalization — Creators can make audio levels consistent throughout their video stream by using the new audio normalization feature in the editor.
  • Updated Mobile Apps — In the next app update, coming out soon, users will be able to upload or record videos more reliably. The new version will support background upload without needing to keep the app active.  Users will automatically get this update from Android and iOS app stores when the new version is released.

If you have any questions, please contact Academic Technology Solutions.

(Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash)