What is LinkedIn Learning at UChicago?

LinkedIn Learning at UChicago is a free service for the entire UChicago community. LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. This service is provided by IT Services.

Instructors, students, and staff members can capitalize on opportunities provided by free, high-quality courses on LinkedIn Learning to equip themselves with the skills, agility, and foresight to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world. See the Promote your professional growth with LinkedIn Learning blog post or watch the LinkedIn Learning at UChicago video tutorial to learn how to access LinkedIn Learning at UChicago and its main features and benefits.

In the past three months, 1,500 UChicago community members have logged in and viewed a total of 1,812 hours of course content. The courses that are most popular with UChicago community members are tech- and business-related: e.g. Microsoft Office 365 Essential Training, Learning R/Python, and Project Management Foundations. However, many fun and enriching courses in this online learning platform have not yet been explored and taken advantage of. That is why we have compiled a list of popular courses that may potentially interest you!

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Feel a Sense of Accomplishment: 30 Minutes or Less

  • The miracle morning (19m 59s) helps you reflect upon and redesign your morning routine to make you feel energized and ready to embrace the challenges in life.
  • Check out How to network when you don’t like networking (17m 33s) to learn how introverts and extroverts socialize and build meaningful networks.
  • With Thrive at work from anywhere (47m 6s), discover how to capitalize on the benefits of remote work options, stay motivated, and realize your full potential.
  • Learn how to Avoid burnout (24m 5s) by identifying its common causes and ways to reduce stress (24m 5s).

Always Be on Top of Things: New Releases

Personal Growth and Self-care

LinkedIn Learning also offers courses on promoting work productivity, improving financial literacy, and self-care. You can learn how to:

Set Your Weekly Learning Goal Today!

Use LinkedIn Learning to set your weekly learning goals and challenge yourself to complete a learning goal each week! Feel a sense of accomplishment and be an inspiration to people around you!

Weekly Learning Goal Options

Additional Resources and Support

If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn Learning at UChicago, you can consult the LinkedIn Learning FAQ or contact the IT Services Service Desk.

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Image Credit: Rachel Parnes, Senior Marketing Manager at LinkedIn