Graduate students and postdocs: Would you like to gain experience in digital pedagogy, help promote pedagogically sound use of educational technology at UChicago, and get ready to teach blended or fully-online courses? We are hiring Digital Pedagogy Fellows for the 2023-24 academic year.

Description: Academic Technology Solutions (ATS) is seeking graduate students and postdocs to assist faculty, TAs, students, and staff in their digital pedagogies and use of educational technologies, such as Canvas, Ed Discussion, Hypothesis, Gradescope, Zoom, and Panopto, across multiple teaching modalities. This position is ideal for those who are interested in incorporating a range of digital educational tools for the traditional face-to-face classroom, preparing to teach blended courses or fully online courses, or exploring the field of instructional design. Graduate students and postdocs from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. This is a hybrid position.

You will consult, guide, and support instructors in the pedagogically sound use of technology for teaching and learning. Experience with digital educational tools is not required, but basic digital literacy and computer skills are a must, and candidates must show a willingness to learn new digital tools quickly and independently. You must also have teaching or related instructional experience (teaching assistant, writing consultant, lector, tutor, etc.). Teaching consultation experience and knowledge of basic pedagogy (e.g. through classes and workshops offered by the Chicago Center for Teaching) is a plus. Successful applicants will receive training in remote and hybrid teaching and digital pedagogy.

Essential Duties:
  • Provide online and in-person faculty consulting (one-on-one or group sessions) and support in the use of Canvas LMS or other educational technologies.
  • Assist, develop, and/or lead workshops for faculty, instructors, students, and staff.
  • Develop online resources (e.g. documentation, blog posts, etc.) for Canvas, digital educational tools and digital pedagogy.
  • Research, test, and report on new educational technology.
  • Complete clerical and other tasks as assigned.
Qualifications: Required:

  • Enrolled in a PhD program OR have 2+ years teaching or related instructional experience
  • Ability to work independently and with a team
  • Excellent communication, research, presentation, and problem-solving skills
  • Teaching or related instructional experience (teaching assistant, writing consultant, lector, tutor, etc.)
  • Open to performing different tasks on a day-to-day basis
  • Possess solid digital literacy and computer skills
  • Must have a working knowledge of Word, Excel, Google Docs, Sheets and Drive, with ability to learn other programs (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite, etc.).


  • Teaching consultation experience and knowledge of basic pedagogy (e.g. through workshops offered by the Chicago Center for Teaching & Learning) is a plus
  • Knowledge of common UChicago academic technology such as Canvas, Zoom, Panopto, PollEverywhere, etc.
  • Optional skills and experience: Data analysis, web application development, and/or blogging on the intersection of education technology and pedagogy.
Apply: Please submit applications via UChicago GRAD Gargoyle and include the following:

  1. A 1-2 page resume that includes teaching or related instructional  experience, plus any additional technical, software or computer skills;
  2. A 1-page cover letter describing your interests and suitability to this position; and
  3. A list of two references (name, title, relationship, email address and phone number) who can speak to your workplace skills.

If relevant, include supplementary pedagogical or technical materials, such as a teaching portfolio, sample instructional materials, or a portfolio of programming or web development projects.

Hour Range: 10-19.5 hours per week when classes are in session; up to 37.5 hrs per week over breaks.
Pay Range: $20.00/hour