Did you know that you can search for a syllabus in Canvas? A syllabus can help inform your course selections by giving you a sense of course content, objectives, teaching approach, and more. It’s important to note that not all course syllabi are visible to all users, unless they are enrolled in the course.

Here are the steps for searching for a syllabus in Canvas:

  1. From the global Canvas navigation menu, click Courses.Screen capture of step 1, showing the UChicago Canvas Dashboard page, after logging in on Canvas. Showing a navigation bar on the left, and panels of 4 different courses in the center. A red box locates the “Courses” tab in the navigation bar.
  2. Then click All Courses.Screen capture of step 2, showing a secondary navigation bar extending from the “Courses” tab after clicking on it. A red box highlights the “All Courses” link.
  3. Select Browse More Courses.Screen capture of step 3, showing the UChicago Canvas interface after clicking the “Courses” tab and then “All courses” link. A red box highlights the “Browse more courses” tab on top of the page above a list of courses enrolled.
  4. Enter the course code (e.g. SPAN 10100) or course name into the search box and click Search.Screen capture of step 4, showing the UChicago Canvas interface after clicking “Courses”, “All courses”, and “Browse more courses”. A search bar on top of page and panels showing public courses at the University. A red box highlights the search bar, which includes a search box, a checkbox filtering “Public courses only”, a checkbox filtering “Open enrollment courses only”, and a “Search” tab.
  5. In the course’s navigation menu, click Syllabus.Screen capture of step 5, showing the UChicago Canvas interface after clicking “Courses”, “All courses”, “Browse more courses”, searching and selecting one course. A red box highlights the “Syllabus” tab on the second navigation bar from the left.

Splash image credit (modified): Ivan Babydov from Pexels

Further Resources

If you need help with this or if you have other Canvas questions, contact academictech@uchicago.edu.