Panopto is here!  Following a successful pilot, the University has contracted with Panopto as its new video management platform.  Panopto is a tool for recording, organizing, embedding, and live streaming video. It seamlessly integrates with Canvas for video/audio course content and can be used for DIY lecture capture and screencasts. It also includes a suite of web-based video editing tools. While Canvas has its own basic audio and video tools, Panopto offers enhanced media features, such as in-video quizzing, student engagement tools, and automatic captioning capabilities. Panopto offers greater ease of use and better administrative management compared to the University’s current video management solution, Kaltura.

Particular benefits of Panopto include:

  • Searchability: Panopto makes it easy to search within your content.  You can search for keywords in notes, bookmarks, captions, etc.
  • Security: You have control over the privacy of your videos and whom you share them with.
  • Accessibility: Panopto offers machine-generated closed captioning to improve the accessibility of your video content.

Start using Panopto now, as the University’s license with Kaltura will end on Dec. 31, 2019.  Existing content in Kaltura will be migrated to Panopto during the Autumn 2019 quarter. Users with existing content in Kaltura will be contacted directly about the migration process.

Faculty and instructors

You can enable Panopto in your Canvas course by following these steps.  Other step-by-step instructions can be found in the “For Instructors” section of our Resources page. We will announce workshops and other support as they become available.

Important: During this migration process, Kaltura will remain integrated with Canvas.  It will appear in the Canvas Rich Content Editor alongside Panopto, and “My Media” and “Media Gallery” will continue to appear as options in the Canvas course menu if you have added Kaltura to the course navigation in your course settings.  If My Media and Media Gallery appear as options in your course menu, you can remove them by following these instructions: Customizing Your Course Navigation Menu.  However, please do not use Kaltura to create any new content during Autumn Quarter.  All new video content going forward should be created in Panopto.

Non-Canvas Users

General users who wish to share videos outside of Canvas can log in to Panopto with their CNetID and password at You can find documentation here: Panopto Documentation for Non-Canvas Users

Get Help

If you urgently need your Kaltura videos, need help using Panopto, or have any questions, please contact Academic Technology Solutions now so we can address your needs.