Zoom AI Companion has been approved and will be available for use by UChicago faculty, students, and staff starting Tuesday, February 20, 2024. If you are interested in testing how the Zoom AI Companion works, please stop by the Academic Technology Solutions Office Hours, M-Th from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. or book a consultation with an Instructional Designer.

The current suite of generative AI offerings available for Zoom include:

Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary creates a synopsis of a Zoom meeting for the host to edit and share with attendees. Attendees may request that this feature be turned on during a meeting, but only the host can enable or disable it. As with recording and captioning, attendees will receive a notification that this feature is active when they join a meeting. And, as with meeting recordings, there is a setting to automatically summarize all meetings, but it must be enabled by the host on the UChicago Zoom web portal.

Smart Recording

This addition to cloud recordings is designed to make meeting recordings easier to navigate; creating video chapters, highlighting the important parts of the meeting, and adding action items to be included with the recording. These suggestions, based on the transcript of the meeting, can be edited by the host before sharing.

(Note: due to the cloud recording policy, UChicago Medicine, Biological Sciences Division, and student accounts will not have access to this feature without prior exception from their privacy office.)

Thread Summary for Team Chat

This feature condenses and summarizes message threads in Zoom’s Team Chats in the desktop Zoom application. Note that this feature currently only works in Team Chat, a group discussion feature that exists in Zoom separate from meetings.

This feature does not summarize chats in Zoom meetings. When Thread Summary is enabled, users can generate a short synopsis of a series of messages in Team Chat in order to catch up with a discussion more quickly.

Additional Information

Users will be able to enable, disable, and manage these features by signing into the Zoom web portal. These features can also be managed during a meeting using the controls in the Zoom desktop application.

For more guidance on how to manage the Zoom AI Companion features, please see the following ITS Knowledge Base articles:

Additional Zoom AI Companion tools may be rolled out in the coming months as they are approved for our UChicago Zoom instance.